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Dienstradleasing mit Bikeleasing:

Jetzt auch in Österreich

Good news for employees and employers in Austria: Bikeleasing is now also open for business in Austria! As one of the large and established company bicycle providers in Germany, Bikelasing strives to encourage even more employees to use the eco-friendly and healthy alternative for their commute to work instead of a company car, what can also make a major contribution to a sustainable traffic and transportation concept.

When Bikeleasing provides employees in Austria with the opportunity to lease their dream (e-)bike at highly attractive conditions, all parties involved enjoy reliable protection from ERGO and Merkur, our strong insurance partners, the result is a win-win situation.

Bike leasing in Austria – what terms and conditions apply?

Due to the tax reform that came into force in 2020, the terms and conditions for the company bike model in Austria are generally similar to those in Germany. When it comes to applying these terms and conditions, there are various ways for companies in Austria to take advantage of the benefits of company bicycles and provide them to their employees. These include salary conversion, in which the employer withholds a portion of the employee’s monthly salary for the lease payments, thus granting the employee a tax benefit, or additional pay as a perk, in which case the employer will make the lease payments.

What benefits does Bikeleasing-Service company bike leasing provide in Austria?

Benefits to employers:

For employers, Bikeleasing provides a key benefit in helping to attract and retain skilled staff – which translates into a competitive advantage. With our unique, fully comprehensive Employer Indemnity Insurance (AGAV), the employer bears no risk. Our bike leasing model is completely free of charge, involves little effort and has no impact on cash flow. The bikes are not included in fixed assets and therefore do not need to be depreciated. In addition to the tax benefits, employers also benefit from healthier employees and contribute to the sustainability of their business.

Benefits to employees:

Bikeleasing enables employees to finance a bicycle or e-bike at terms and conditions more favorable than those of a private purchase. Due to the applicable tax benefits, savings of up to 36% are not uncommon. In addition, all accessories permanently attached to the bike can be included in the lease. The bicycle can be used both for commuting to work and for private purposes. At the end of the lease term, the bicycle can either be taken over or exchanged for a new bicycle. Thanks to our premium insurance, the employee is optimally covered for (parts) theft, accidental damage, fall damage, vandalism and much more during the term of the lease. Since this insurance is automatically included in every lease, there is no need to take out separate or additional insurance.

Benefits to dealers:

Dealers benefit considerably from the Bikeleasing offering. The entire Bikeleasing service is free of charge. Dealers receive 100% of the sales price; no commission payments are incurred. Dealers can expect an increase in revenue because they are able to focus on customers, are included in the Bikeleasing list of partner dealerships and they can sell high-quality bikes. Dealers are entitled to lease out their demonstration, rental and test bikes – complete with comprehensive insurance coverage.

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