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Bikeleasing default insurance – zero risk for employers, full protection for all 

Bikeleasing – zero risk for employers, full protection for all

More and more employers are discovering the company bicycle as a modern mobility concept and attractive perk for their staff. Fitter, happier employees who are sick less often, as well as tax advantages and positive effects for the environment and nature, make the Bikeleasing model a success.

To help ensure that employers are not left with one of the bicycles or e-bikes and have to shoulder the lease payments if something goes wrong, we offer them comprehensive coverage through our indemnity insurance. If one of your employees drops out, all costs incurred are covered – or the bike will simply be taken back without any fuss.

For new customers, the indemnity insurance is included in the monthly lease payments. No additional costs are incurred. Existing customers should check their service agreement to see whether employer’s insurance has been taken out.

Advantages for employers:

Take-over of lease payments

The insurance will take over the complete monthly lease payments if your employee is absent for a long time due to illness or accident.

Take-back of bikes leased

Whether it’s an e-bike, mountain bike, cargo bike or racing bike: We take back any bike in case your employee:

  • quits his/her job,
  • goes on maternity leave,
  • takes parental leave,
  • becomes incapacitated,
  • receives a termination agreement,
  • is absent due to long-term illness,
  • or passes away.

For further details, check out the Insurance Manual of Bikeleasing´s employer indemnity insurance.


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