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When KVM-Experts connect – Stronger Together

Stronger together

When two KVM specialists connect this comes along with many benefits. The complementary of the different technologies and products of IHSE and kvm-tec but also the similarities of both champions results in a high amount of benefits, not only for the companies but mainly for the global KVM market – simply stronger together.

The differences

IHSE is a leading global technology manufacturer of modular and high-performance KVM technology for highly secure and low-latency data transmission in mission critical applications. IHSE’s technology is based on proprietary network protocols and is used in particular in applications where there is no acceptance of friction in data transmission, for example, because human lives could be endangered.

There are almost no limits in areas of KVM applications. While IHSE focused in particular on mission-critical areas such as traffic control, control rooms and in the utilities and transport sector, kvm-tec became a specialist for in industrial applications, broadcasting and post-production. Together they are now in the position to offer the right KVM solution for every customer need. The joint technology platform also means reinforcing the innovation capabilities in a rapidly changing market. 

The similarities

Both companies can draw on many years of experience and know-how. Merging the experiences only results in a greater pool of know-how, so that devices and technologies can be further improved. Both technologies and products can be used jointly, improved and mixed together. From the customers point of view that only means a wider product range with a strong and experiences development background and the possibility of seamlessly connect KVM hybrid systems through an increased compatibility.

However, the benefits are not limited to an expansion of the product portfolio; global availability will also be increased via IHSE’s existing global distribution network with subsidiaries in Singapore, the USA and China. As both companies can now draw on a joint, broad distribution network around the world, customers will benefit from faster delivery times as well as global and personal support.

Stronger together – Elevating KVM

When two companies connect, it creates elevating KVM. Elevating KVM means a wider product and technology range, improved development due to the exchange of long-lasting experiences, a stronger, global and reliable sales and support network. 

Together stronger and prepared for the fast growing KVM industry.


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