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Sahara Dust on La Palma

Fine dust pollution visible in real time measurement

The so-called Calima is a weather condition, in which sand from the Sahara blows around the Canary Islands, which can completely cloud the air. It appears up to ten times a year and can last from a few days to a week or longer. The desert dust has a great impact on the marine and terrestrial ecosystem.

Only a few weeks after the volcano on La Palma calmed down, the island is exposed to the next severe fine dust event: Winds from Storm Calima bring huge amounts of Saharan dust to the island.

Just as predicted from local authority AEMET, the increase of fine dust particles could be tracked in real-time on the MyAtmosphere platform for all AQ Guard Smart stations around the island. Values of > 2000 microgram/m³ were measured.


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