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Palas provides important measurement data regarding the volcanic eruption on La Palma

Our subsidiary Palas reports on their work on the volcanic island of La Palma.

A summary can be found on the new MyAtmosphere website of Palas:
A short resumee from our trip to La Palma – My Atmosphere

It was an exciting trip. Starting with the arrival on La Palma, because some colleagues had to make the detour via Tenerife. The airport was closed because of ash.
We got to know many sides of La Palma. In some areas we did not even notice the volcano, did not see it, did not feel any effects. Everything felt normal.
In other areas we always had the volcano in view – smoking and spitting. Streets, roofs and cars were covered with black ash. Containers full of ash stood on the side of the road. One night an earthquake woke us up.
But overall we are very satisfied: The installation of the AQ Guard Smart went smoothly – thanks to a great team that worked together excellently. Immediately, we were able to view the measurement data via the MyAtmosphere data platform and get initial insights.
Unfortunately, the journey home was adventurous. Again, we had to switch to Tenerife airport because of ash haze. So we took the ferry, then the alternative flight to Frankfurt and on Saturday evening we were all back home safe and sound.
More about the measured values and our assessment of the air quality on site will be available soon


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