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Palas device Tested for Real-Time Monitoring in China

A Milestone in Measurement Technology

The Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center (SEMC) is responsible for monitoring the city’s environmental quality, emission sources, water, atmosphere as well as ecological and biological environment. It is given the highest recognition in China for its advanced work. High-precision measurements are essential for them. Therefore, the SEMC decided to use this device for a field test as part of the special pollution operation during fall and winter 2021 in Shanghai. The advantages were convincing all along the line in China: Real-time measurement of airborne particle quantity, particle size every second in conjunction with video monitoring.

Live Data Transfer During Mobile Measurement

The AQ Guard Ambient can be easily mounted on a vehicle thanks to its compact design. During mobile real-time monitoring, the device sends measurement data to the data platform every second.

Real-time mobile air quality monitoring for SMEC

Real-time Measurement Every Second

In addition to measuring the number of particles in the air, Palas® AQ Guard technology also provides the SEMC with the ability to determine the particle size in the air – all within seconds. Through a camera it is also possible to see where the increase in airborne particles may be coming from, which offers a decisive advance in analysis.

The data showed an intense increase in particle volumes during the test drive. Thanks to the measuring technology of AQ Guard Ambient, the researchers could see that the majority were PM10 particles. When reviewing the video, it became obvious that the particles were coming from a construction site that was passed. The measured particles were mainly dust. In a different situation, the proportion of PM2.5 particles increased directly. Checking the video, it turned out this could be attributed to emissions from cars and trucks on a busy road.

Step 1: AQ Guard Ambient measures the volume of particles in the air

Step 2: AQ Guard Ambient shows the proportions of the different particle sizes in the total amount

A Game-Changer in Real-Time Monitoring

At the end of the test drive, the researchers had a clear picture of the air quality. Thanks to the combination of measuring particle amount, particle size, real-time data and video monitoring, effect and causes could be defined. In recognition of the test performance of the AQ Guard Ambient, SMEC issued an official certificate to the Palas® team.

AQ Guard Ambient Air Quality Monitor


  • Technology based on the TÜV certified Fidas® 200 series (EN16450 and MCERTS)
  • Simultaneous measurement of Cn, PM1, PM2,5, PM4 und PM10
  • High accuracy due to advanced algorithms
  • Long-term stability through self-calibration for flow rate, particulate, and gaseous pollutants measurements
  • Operates with AC, DC or Power-over-Ethernet


  • Industry: production process, bulk material handling (mixing, unloading, storage, packaging, etc.), and factory boundary monitoring
  • Construction site: road, railway, demolition site
  • Buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, offices, public facilities
  • Residential buildings near construction sites or other contaminated areas
  • Public transportation: airports, railway stations, tram and subway stations, cruise ships, cabs

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