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Cybersecurity for Smart City control centers
How IHSE KVM systems contribute to security in autonomous traffic management

Cybersecurity has become a key topic for both all kinds of organizations and for private life. KVM systems make a significant contribution to protecting important data and processes. IHSE has been tasked to implement its highly secure KVM technology to protect future Smart City control centers, which will be the centerpiece of future mobility.

These centers will enable the data fusion of all kinds of sensor and data inputs (cameras, vehicle counters, weather data, event information, parking space availability, to name just a few) to derive guidance for multi-modal traffic management and to shorten the response times of all kinds of emergency services. This in turn makes such centers high-value targets for criminal attacks.

Along with security measures against physical attacks (staff security screening, access controls etc.), cybersecurity will be key for secure 24/7 operation.

Cybersecurity refers to a set of techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Security measures must therefore ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity, as well as the availability of data and information. 

KVM systems, especially proprietary KVM systems like those offered by IHSE, are an essential building block in achieving this goal. Let’s see how KVM systems perform against typical cyberattacks:

Malicious hackers often find ways to intrude in networked systems. The best protection against intrusion is the creation of a real, physical separation, a so called Air-Gap. 

KVM systems enable convenient, seamless operation of physically separated systems via separate point-to-point connections, thus maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of all other systems not immediately affected by the attack and avoiding any data leakage between the systems.

Similarly, ransomware and denial-of-service attacks are confined to individual compromised systems, while keeping the remainder of the control center fully operational. IHSE KVM systems themselves can operate completely without network connection, thereby making the KVM equipment immune to such attacks.

In summary, secure IHSE KVM systems are the means of choice for advanced security for future Smart City control centers, as they already are today for many security sensitive applications and organizations.

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