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Company bike-leasing for metal and electrical companies covered by collective bargaining agreements

A new breakthrough for healthy and sustainable mobility: Since May 1, 2022, metal and electrical companies in Baden-Württemberg that are covered by collective bargaining agreements have been allowed to offer company bike-leasing programs to their employees through salary conversion. This is facilitated by a collective union agreement between IG Metall and the Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry of Baden-Württemberg e. V. (Südwestmetall). Since July 16, 2022, many companies in the metal and electrical industry covered by collective union agreements in Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and northwestern Lower Saxony will also be able to offer their about 130.000 employees the option of leasing a company bike via salary conversion. This was agreed in a collective union agreement by IG Metall Küste and Employers’ Association Nordmetall. This decision creates enormous customer potential for Bikeleasing.

Metal and electrical industry Baden-Württemberg: Collective union agreement allows company bike-leasing

With more than one million employees in around 5,000 companies, the metal and electrical industry is considered a key sector in Baden-Württemberg. However, employees and employers in this sector who are bound by collective union agreements have not been able to benefit from the advantages of company bike-leasing in Baden-Württemberg until now. That has now changed. On May 1, 2022, a collective union agreement between IG Metall Baden-Württemberg and the Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Südwestmetall) came into force, which generally also allows companies covered by collective union agreements to offer company bike-leasing via salary conversion. The prerequisite for implementation in the respective companies is that the employer and works council agree in a voluntary agreement that employees may be offered the option of company bike-leasing with salary conversion.

Enormous new customer potential for Bikeleasing

For Bikeleasing, this innovation means massive new customer potential, because interested parties from companies with collective union agreements previously had no opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of company bike-leasing. In view of current developments, metal and electrical companies covered by collective bargaining agreements from Baden-Württemberg, which had already inquired with Bikeleasing, will now be contacted again and, if desired, supported in the introduction of the company bike model. Good news for the companies and Bikeleasing, because in this context it is expected that the number of Bikeleasing customers and company bike users will grow strongly once again. 

Bikeleasing press spokeswoman Luisa Weckesser welcomes the decision of the collective union parties: “We as a company bike provider, are pleased that the collective union agreement opens up the possibility for employees to use a sustainable and healthy alternative to the company car with the company bike. We therefore expressly support this decision and provide all interested companies an uncomplicated and reliable process.”

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