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Majority stake – realized 2021


Auvesy develops and distributes the software „versiondog“, a leading solution for version control and data management in the manufacturing and automation industry sectors (Industrial IoT).

Auvesy is a key trailblazer for companies seeking to adjust to the requirements of the 4th industrial revolution and the so-called “Industrial Internet of Things“ (IIoT): Auvesy’s proprietary software solutions enable manufacturing firms equipped with automated machinery and assembly lines to benefit from centralized information and data storage, automated back-up, version control with detailed change tracking, clear documentation as well as high user-friendliness. Production-relevant data can be easily inspected and swiftly accessed at all times, simplifying maintenance procedures and output optimization. In addition, downtimes and risks resulting from unauthorized accessing (cyber attacks) are being significantly reduced. The Auvesy software solution “versiondog” is in use in a range of different industries, including the automotive, chemical, pharma, energy generation, food production as well as industrial equipment. Based in Landau, in the Palatinate region of Germany, the company employs approx. 90 employees.

The company was sold in 2021 to the financial investor Hg.