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12.5.2022, Marco Brockhaus in an interview with Börsen Radio Network AG

“We are an integrated technology group of outstanding champions from German SMEs,” says CEO and founder Marco Brockhaus. The group is looking for companies with special technologies and innovations, moreover they should have “skin in the game”, like the subsidiaries Bikeleasing, Palas and IHSE. The 2021 turnover: 66.5 million euros – the forecast of 62 million was thus exceeded. Brockhaus is growing “both top line and bottom line.” 32.8% EBITDA margin. “We have become more profitable organically.” The July 2020 vision of “a handful of technology champions, 120 to 140 million in revenue and 40 to 50 million in EBITDA” has already been a reality since 2021.

Listen to the interview here – only available in German


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